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8: Page structure: HTML outline

The four essential parts of the HTML document

An HTML document comprises the four parts shown below. Click on the headings for a full explanation. In the section underneath you can see how they look when they are put together.

Putting it all together

This is what you get when you put all the above bits together – the skeleton of an HTML document.

<!DOCTYPE html>		<!--DOCTYPE declaration-->		
 <html lang="en">      <!--start of HTML document-->
  <head>		<!--start of 'head' element-->
	(content of 'head' section)
  </head>		<!--end of 'head' element-->
  <body>		<!--start of 'body' element-->
	(visible content of web page)
  </body>		<!--end of 'body' element-->
</html>			<!--end of HTML document-->